My son   

Nowadays, I'm making cloths for my son.
Making mother cloth, baby cloth, and father cloth is still poor but it's fun.
How is it? =)

This is Korean traditional cloth. It is called 'Hanbok,'
In baby's first birthday, parents have a party with wearing Hanbok to their child.
We believe that this cloth will bring child good luck.
We have a party on May 19th.
For my son, I made it by myself.
It was little tired because I made it when baby was sleeping.
Nevertheless, it was so happy that I dressed a baby.
To do something for my son as a mother is happy.
I'll upload son's birthday party picture.

How are other people who know Domado? I hope you are always happy.

엄마표 한복 입고 돌촬영~ 사랑한다 하준아~



곧 만난다.


domado EXHIBITION   

전시 준비를 마치고 작품을 태워갈 탑차를 기다리며...

혼자가 아니라 다행이다.

둘이 아니라 다행인가?

셋이서... 함께 브이~ ^----^v

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