new doll size   

size is 25cm



As Yahoo Korea halted its service in Korea, all pictures and data of Domadoll were deleted. This is heartbreaking.

Please visit the website,, if you would like to see remaining pictures. Updating new ones will be only on flickr. Please add me.
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Thank U~


My son   

Nowadays, I'm making cloths for my son.
Making mother cloth, baby cloth, and father cloth is still poor but it's fun.
How is it? =)

This is Korean traditional cloth. It is called 'Hanbok,'
In baby's first birthday, parents have a party with wearing Hanbok to their child.
We believe that this cloth will bring child good luck.
We have a party on May 19th.
For my son, I made it by myself.
It was little tired because I made it when baby was sleeping.
Nevertheless, it was so happy that I dressed a baby.
To do something for my son as a mother is happy.
I'll upload son's birthday party picture.

How are other people who know Domado? I hope you are always happy.

엄마표 한복 입고 돌촬영~ 사랑한다 하준아~

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