HI~ I'm Goni~ :)   

Her name changed from NANAN to GONI.

Her name is GONI:)  please remember! 

GONI means Bewick's swan in korean.

please watch the short story which shows looking glass"kkotmu" said "find snow white and kill her !!"

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We are starting selling GONI from now.

All GONI includes eyeball and wig.

Standard GONI $550.00 make up $50.00.

 NEW KKOTMU and NEW JADO are reproduced within the end of june.

Thank you for visiting.

please click the ORDER -> ORDER NOW!,  If you want to purchase dolls.

Have a good day~

나난이라는 이름에서 "고니"라는 이름으로 바뀌게 되었습니다.

앞으로 "고니"라는 이름으로 기억해주세요^-^

오른쪽 Sory Book 배너를 클릭하시면

마녀고니와 백설공주 이야기를 보실수 있으세요~~~

구입을 원하시는분들은 오더메뉴를 눌러주세요^^

행복하시옵소서~ :)

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